PROGEO plus the software that opens new dimensions for sheet metal design.

PROGEO plus is the software for calculations of unfoldings, penetrations and cut-outs of geometrical models. It supports particularly the needs of sheet metal industries by consideration of neutral line, sheet thickness plus much further technical know how.

PROGEO plus enables quicker working and cost reductions in planning, design, calculation and drawing of the models by flexible visualisation tools and DXF-interface to CAD or NC systems. More..

PROGEO plus is like working with windows itself. Different functionalities support your progress. Visual database, graphic modeler, flexible data input, help system and powerful visualisation tools. More..

The PROGEO plus boiler head geometry now has full flexibility. Different sub-geometries can ride on a single boiler head. Furthermore you can use unlimited number of subs.
Application range:
PROGEO plus is a software for sheet metal industries? Yes, that is the main market - but beside there are a lot of more branches that take benefit of this professional unfolding software. Mathematic calculations of unfolding and cut-outs are necessary for all people who use geometric basics for different kinds of products. A view to the customer's business activities gives a good impression. Some customers use the software for design of lamp-shades, other users make calculations for copper church roof parts. There are manufacturers of very large industrial boiler heads and small precision articles for medical purposes as well. Pump and pipe equipment, children or material slides, liquor diffusion and decant parts are further examples.
The PROGEO plus DXFIN interface is now available!
A new highlight for individual model design. Create the desired geometry as an CAD polyline and make it available to PROGEO by the new DXF input button. More..
Technical innovation:
The common way to create unfolding software is to add a set of indepedent calculation programs to a package. That results to many disadvantages: missing geometries must be ordered or even new programmed, existing models can not be mixed to new variants and the once defined fixed data basic for input and output is rigid - so enhancements or even light changes are impossible. PROGEO plus is the new innovative philosophy to break older limits. Windows based GUI, visual database of hundreds predefinded examples - and an visual modeler tool that let you change and enhance model properties or even create total new geometries in seconds. More..

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